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明星大学経済学研究科・経済学部ディスカッションペーパーシリーズ Meisei University Graduate School of Economics and School of Economics Discussion Paper Series.


No.42 Yokota, K. “Optimal employment in frictional business cycles and intertemporal discontinuity of demand duals and production”, December 2018.
No.41 Hori, T., N. Maebayashi and K. Morimoto "Tax Evasion and Optimal Corporate Income Tax Rates in a Growing Economy”, December 2018.
No.40 Kajitani, S., K. Morimoto, and S. Suzuki, "Information Feedback in Relative Grading: Evidence from a Field Experiment," July, 2018.
No.39 Takayuki Oishi, "Legal and Political Agreements for Sharing International Rivers with Water Shortage" May 22,2018
No.38 Takayuki Oishi, "Duality and anti-duality for allocation rules in economic problems I:an axiomatic analysis," March 31, 2018.
No.37 Takayuki Oishi, Gerard van der Laan, René van den Brink, "The Tort Law and the Nucleolus for Generalized Joint Liability Problems" March 26, 2018
No.36 Shinya Kajitani, Keiichi Morimoto, Shiba Suzuki, "Relative Performance Information Feedback and Just-Pass Behavior: Evidence from a Field Experiment" April 2017
No.35 Keiichi Morimoto, "Further Results on Preference Uncertainty and Monetary Conservatism." January,2017.
Vu, Tuan Khai, "Fiscal Policy News Shocks and the Japanese Macroeconomy,"
September, 2015.
No.33 Watabe, M., "Nonuniform Prices with Income Effects," May, 2015.
No.32 Watabe, M., "Duality in Nonlinear Pricing with Applications to Block Tariffs," May, 2015.
No.31 Vu, Tuan Khai, “Exchange Rate Regimes and the Sources of Real Exchange Rate
Fluctuations: Evidence from East Asia,” May, 2015.
No.30 Kajitani, S., K. Morimoto, and S. Suzuki, “Uncertainty in a Borderline: Evidence from a Field Experiment” April, 2015.
No.29 Kajitani S., "Which is Worse for Your Long-term Health, a White-collar or a Blue-collar Job? (Revised Version)" January, 2015.
No.28 Kajitani S., "Which is Worse for Your Long-term Health, a White-collar or a Blue-collar Job?" March, 2014.
No.27 Kajitani S., K. Sakata, and C. McKenzie, "Occupation, Retirement and Cognitive Functioning," February, 2014.
No.26 梶谷真也,「休日の過ごし方は変化しているのか?-『社会生活基本調査』を用いた生活時間の変化の計測-」,2013年3月.
No.25 Yamazaki, A., "Production Atomless Economies," March, 2013.
No.24 Hoshino, Y., R. Ishikawa, and A. Yamazaki, "Unequal Distribution of Powers in a Wicksellian Transfer Game," March, 2013.
No.23 Kajitani, S., "Is a Blue-collar Job Bad for Your Long-term Health?" February, 2013.
No.22 Suzuki, S., "An Exploration of the Effect of Doubt During Disasters on Equity Premiums," February, 2013.
No.21 星野良明,石川竜一郎,山崎昭,「ヴィクセル型取引ネットワークにおけるエッジワース競争の分析」,2012年3月.
No.20 中田勇人,「資本市場の国際統合と経済厚生」,2011年6月.
No.19 梶谷真也,「高齢者の職歴と健康状態」,2011年3月.
No.18 Yamazaki, A., "On the Perception and Representation of Economic Quantity in the History of Economic Analysis in view of the Debreu Conjecture," October, 2010.
No.17 山崎昭,「経済分析の歴史における経済数量の認識と表現形式について─Debreuコンジェクチャーの視点から─」,2010年3月.
No.16 Kajitani, S., "Working in Old Age and Health Outcomes in Japan," March, 2010.
No.15 Kajitani, S., S. Nishimura, and K. Tokunaga, "Why Do the Japanese Enjoy Longevity? Do Health Care Expenditures Contribute it?" (Revised: The Impact of Healthcare Expenditures on Longevity in Japan: Evidence from Longitudinal, Prefectural-Level Data [No. 13]), August, 2009.
No.14 徳永敬助・西村周三・梶谷真也,「都道府県別にみた介護費の動向」,2009年3月
No.13 Kajitani, S., S. Nishimura, and K. Tokunaga, "The Impact of Healthcare Expenditures on Longevity in Japan: Evidence from Longitudinal, Prefectural-Level Data," March, 2009.
No.12 Kajitani, S., "Health and Work Decisions of Older Japanese Men," March, 2009.
No.11 Hosoya, Y., and T. Terasaka, "Inference on Transformed Stationary Time Series," February, 2008.
No.10 Isaka, N., and H. Yoshikawa, "The Effect of Reductions in Minimum Trading Units on Equity Premiums," January, 2008.
No.9 市石達郎・山崎昭,「経済の情報構造の表現について-ベイジアン・アプローチと状態空間アプローチ-」,2008年1月
No.8 Hashimoto, H. and H. Kataoka, "Keynes-Ramsey Rule and its Implications in a Two-Sector Optimal Growth Model," January, 2008.
No.7 上原秀樹・片岡晴雄・佐藤正市・中田勇人,「タイ王国の経済発展と貿易・投資の動向に関する研究」,2007年11月
No.6 上原秀樹,「東アジア諸国の経済発展と環境問題」,2007年10月
No.5 Isaka, N.,"On the Informational Effect of Short-sales Constraints: Evidence from the Tokyo Stock Exchange," January, 2007.
No.4 井坂直人・吉川浩史,「投資家の認知度と資本コスト:日本における最低投資金額引下げからの証左」,2007年1月
No.3 Fujiki, H., E. J. Green, and A. Yamazaki, "Incentive Efficient Risk Sharing in Settlement Mechanism," January, 2007.
No.2 Greenberg, J., S. Weber, and A. Yamazaki, "On Blocking Coalitions: Linking Mas-Colell with Grodal-Schmeidler-Vind," December, 2006.
No.1 Hashimoto, H. and H. Kataoka, "The Constant Hamiltonian and a Generalized Form of the Ramsey Rule," December 2006.